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Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow Beaded, Dog Collar


This collection is in the beautiful bush colors from deep purple, to pale purple to almost white.

Beads are hand sewn in leather anchoring every 4-5 beads back into the leather. A second piece of leather is glued and stitched on the back for comfort and durability. Buckles are solid, hand-cast brass. Not just a pretty collar – these are made to be enjoyed.

The Kenyan Collection maintains a large stock list of products but from time to time your order might need to be produced in Kenya. We will send you an email within 48 hours to let you know if your order is currently available or not. Thanks for your understanding and for shopping with us.


Sizing instructions: Measure your dog's neck and order the size closest to that measurement. Don’t add anything, don’t measure the total length of the current collar. If you must use a current collar in ordering then measure only the length from the beginning of the leather/material at the buckle end to the hole that fits/is used at the other end.

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