Virginia Toffee


Virginia Toffee was made by Raymer's Candy maker in their Northern Virginia Shop.  The shop is no longer open, but it's best selling Virginia Toffee lives on!   

You will love their crunchy butter toffee coated in delicious, rich, chocolate and dusted with crushed Virginia peanuts.  Your choice of all milk chocolate, all dark chocolate or choose a mix of both.  

Summer Shipping Information:

Chocolates do not like hot weather!  Rule of thumb:  May-September, 1-day shipping is a must. During the warmer months, even 1-day shipping windows can be a problem if the temperature is in the 80's or hotter.  We may need to delay shipping your order for a couple days until the temperature is more agreeable to avoid melting your chocolates.  Ice packs will stay cold with temperatures in the 70's for about 1-2 days.  

There is a $5 charge for ice packs during these months.  This charge will be added at checkout.

You may call the Virginia Living Store (804-622-2612) to inquire about your particular delivery needs if you have concerns about weather.  Plan ahead for gift giving, we only ship on Monday-Thursday this time of year to avoid hot warehouses over the weekend.   

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