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Vintage Oyster Can Coffee, 2 Pack Gift Set

We love the unique and highly collectible vintage oyster cans that can be found throughout the Chesapeake Bay region, so we have re-created two popular labels true to the originals, but all about Coffee! These make a great gift for collectors and coffee lovers alike, and the container can be reused for coffee, pencils, brushes…or add them to your vintage oyster can collection!
  • One of each Oyster Can Design
  • Your choice of two 8 oz. Fresh-Roasted coffee
  • Choose ground or whole bean
  • Roasted & Packaged to Order!

Blend Choices:

Bayside/Seaside: Breakfast Blend  |  Medium roast  |  Big body, nice acidity
A delicious combination of contrasts! Half dark roast Guatemalan & half light roast Brazil….two extremes meet in the middle. Yum!

Birders Blend: Medium-Dark Breakfast Blend  |  Rainforest Alliance Certified  |  Shade Grown/Bird-Friendly  |  Central & South American Beans
A 100% Shade Grown/Bird Friendly blend of medium roasted Central & South American beans. Smooth with light caramel notes.

Fog Cutter: Dark/Italian Roast  |  BOLD but Never Bitter  |  VERY Popular!  |  Indonesian, African, Central & South American Beans  |  Tasty & Flavorful as an Espresso
Cut that Morning Fog! Our DARK house roast blends big, beefy coffees for that bold cup of wake-up that you’re looking for

Half Baked: Half-Decaf Blend (contains swiss-water colombian beans)  |  Light French Roast  |  Chemical Free Decaf Process
Half the caffeine with all of the flavor of a richly-roasted bean! Swiss Water decaf Colombian with smoky Guatemalan & fruity Papua New Guinea coffees…Delightful!

Hog Island Surprise: Medium Breakfast Blend  |  Central & South American beans  |  Not too light, not too dark
A pleasingly well-rounded & balanced Breakfast Blend of Central & South American coffees. Crisp & full-bodied, it’s an Eastern Shore favorite!

Impact Espresso: Medium Espresso Blend  |  Stands up nicely with milk
Named after the meteor crater centered below Historic Cape Charles, this espresso blend makes an impact with its slightly sweet, nutty flavor & golden crema. Stands up great to milk.

Machipongo Morning: Light Multi-Roast Brazil blend  |  Rainforest Alliance Certified
A mild blend of Light Brazilian roasts, clean & bright! A great all day or after dinner cup with a smooth, serene finish.

Oyster Roast: French Roast  |  Our French Press Favorite!  |  Indonesian & South American Beans  |  Shade Grown/Bird-Friendly  |  Central & South American Beans
One of our most popular! Slightly earthy, bold & full-bodied, this blend of Indonesian & South American coffees offers the smoky intensity of a dark roast with wine & citrus notes & a fine finish!

Zoe's Decaf: Light French Roast  |  100% Swiss Water Decaf Colombian  |  Chemical Free Decaf Process  |  VERY Popular!
This is the decaf you’ve been hearing about! A 100% Swiss Water Process decaffeinated Colombian Supremo coffee in a light french roast. Excellent aroma with a medium-bodied, full-flavored cup!


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