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Variety Pack, Hot Sauces, 3 pack


Don't know which flavor you prefer?  Order this convenient variety pack and do your own taste-test! 

Celtic Green:  Category 2 on Hurricane Bob's Heat Scale

Cajun Dew, Bayou-Inspired: Category 3 on Hurricane Bob's Heat Scale

Inca Gold, Peruvian Heat:  Category 4 on Hurricane Bob's Heat Scale

Cajun Dew is a perfect blend of Cayenne and Habanero peppers along with garlic, vinegar, and salt. Simple yet flavorful. Great on top of your local brick oven pizza or mixed with a craft Bloody Mary. Put it on anything you can imagine!

Celtic Green batch uses Jalapeño and Serrano chili peppers with a well-balanced sauce that is smooth and easy to add to any dish. Not too overpowering, yet tasty and mild for most palates.

Inca Gold combines the unique flavors of the South American Chili peppers (Habanero, Aji Amarillo and Rocoto) with fruity and zesty notes with just the right amount of punch. While not for the faint of heart, the subtle sweetness also pairs well with Paella, stir fry, chicken or seafood.


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