Upcycled Paper Angel Ornament/Pendant, Stormy Seas

Upcycled Paper Angel Ornament/Pendant, Stormy Seas


Allison Lake makes beautiful earrings and ornaments from upcycled wallpaper that is painted by hand and rolled into gorgeous beads.  These darling angel ornaments make a great gift or party favor for any occasion.  Delightfully painted with bright colors that will look beautiful on your holiday tree or send one to a friend in need of a guardian angel.  The Angels can also be worn as a pendant.  

Upcycled wallpaper is hand painted and then cut into long, triangular strips. The strips are tightly rolled to form the bead which is then coated many times with non-toxic, water-based sealant.

  • Length: Approximately 2.75"
  • Materials: Paper, Glass Beads and Angel Wings
  • Lightweight 
  • Includes a Ribbon for Hanging
  • Handmade and Recycled
  • Price Includes Shipping
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