True Tales of the Tide: An Angler's Lifelong Quest. Book by Mike Halperin


True Tales of the Tide has been written to entertain, inspire, & educate both the novice angler & the seasoned sportsman. Special skills & fishing techniques are included within thirteen true fishing adventure stories, & a portion of the sale of every book is donated to the Healing Waters Project to support wounded veterans & PTSD victims.

Introducing Mike Halperin, Angler & Author - When you read Mike Halperin's Virginia fishing adventure book, True Tales of the Tide: An Angler's Lifelong Quest, you will be amazed by the angling stories he tells. All of them true! In his Hampton Roads Magazine book review, critic Ben Swenson wrote “Outdoor writing has a tendency to be either informative or narrative, but rarely both. That’s why True Tales of the Tide: An Angler’s Lifelong Quest is a breath of fresh air.” As a lifelong fisherman, this talented writer tells the story of Virginia saltwater fishing in a delightful fishing memoir as seen through the eyes of a sport fishing captain. Chesapeake Bay, beach and Atlantic Ocean fishing are all uniquely addressed by this consummate storyteller and wordsmith.

True Tales of the Tide provides a socially responsible gift for Father's Day, holiday season, birthdays, or just plain fishing adventure reading. Each book purchase includes an author sponsored donation to the Healing Waters Fly Fishing project. This nationwide group teaches wounded veterans and PTSD victims to fly fish and tie flies as part of their recovery process – at no cost for veterans! True Tales of the Tide is an approved Buy & Help item for Healing Waters Fly Fishing project.

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Excerpts from True Tales of the Tide: An Angler’s Lifelong Quest By Mike Halperin Fishing Adventure Reading

from Chapter 9:...As time passed, we brought the huge fish to within fifteen or twenty feet of the boat nine more times. Each time the fish was more tired but was certainly far from rolling on his side in submission. I looked at my angler – he was starting to show signs of exhaustion, muscle cramping, and possible early stage heat exhaustion. In spite of the size and strength of the man I had in the fighting chair, the fish clearly had the upper hand. It appeared the fish was going to win the battle and it was only a matter of time before he would totally exhaust the angler... 

from Chapter 10: EACH WHALE EXPERIENCE has been remarkable and a completely unique encounter. Humpback, fin, and occasionally right whales continue to make their presence known off Virginia Beach in December, January, February, and March. These whales are generally young adults in the thirty- to fifty- foot size range and are most frequently found from the waters directly off Cape Henry to approximately five miles south of Rudee Inlet. Locals and visitors without boats have the opportunity to view them occasionally from shore and, more predictably, from large, comfortable head boats.

Nautical Historical Information – from Chapter 13 ...A steady parade of Navy ships, commercial tankers and private boats entering and exiting the bay must pass Cape Henry and its two sentinel lighthouses. The older brown brick lighthouse dates to the time of George Washington’s presidency. Prior to its construction, the colonists resorted to lighting fires to mark the position of the Cape for ships. This lighthouse was actually built in 1791 with monies appropriated by Congress to provide a much needed and easily seen beacon for mariners to keep them from running aground as they entered and exited Chesapeake Bay. The original Cape Henry Lighthouse is no longer functional, but it is open to visitors who may climb it for a magnificent view of the bay area. On a clear day Chesapeake Light Tower, fourteen miles to the east, can actually be seen from the top of the original lighthouse...

Captain’s Tips – from Chapter 3 When taking young anglers fishing, always emphasize safety precautions above all and never underestimate what a teenager can accomplish with proper instruction and guidance. When wiring a large fish, particularly a shark, always wear a pair of leather gloves and never wrap the leader around your hands. You should always be prepared to release the leader instantly should the fish run from the boat.

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