Thicket Soy Candle


Thicket is like breathing in fresh creekside air, surrounded by towering trees above and fresh green moss underfoot. Bright and Earthy.

​Infused with Lavadin, Sage and Citrus

Top Notes: Fresh Moss
Mid Notes: Sage, Grapefruit
Base Notes: Musk, Amber, Orange

The concrete candle vessels are handcrafted in house and are designed to be reused. After your candle has burned completely, remove residual wax and wick by soaking in hot soapy water.

To use as a planter: Simply place a handful of rocks in the bottom of your clean vessel for drainage and add a small plant or succulent.

10.5 ounces
Pure, USA harvested soy wax
50+ hours of clean burn time (when burned properly)
Reusable concrete vessel
Cotton wick


Start each burn by trimming wick to 1/4" and making sure the wax is free of dust and debris. Every burn should last until the wax has pooled to the edge of the vessel. Doing so extends the life of your candle and promotes even melting.

Remove dust cover before burning.

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