Tea Light Candle Diffuser & Fragrance Bundle


Twisted Oil Blends offers premium luxury aromatherapy oil-based fragrances that have been created for people who have dealt with anxiety, depression, stress or just enjoy relaxing in a soothing good-smelling sanctuary.  

This bundle offers everything you need to recharge your batteries whether you are at work or at home.  Each set Includes a ceramic diffuser, (3) tea light candles and (3)  5ml amber glass droppers containing a blend of essential and fragrance oils, created EXCLUSIVELY by Twisted Oil Blends. 

Select your oils from the following options:  

“The Trilogy”

  • motha god: a blend of frankincense + myrrh + green tea fig

  • kingdom: a blend of orange + grapefruit 

  • motha earth: a blend of olive + eucalyptus


“Twisted Vibes”

  • the unknown: a blend of lemongrass + black coconut

  • citrus sage: a blend of sage + lemon

  • kingdom: a blend of orange + grapefruit


“Sweet Dreams”

  • moné: a blend of eucalyptus + japanese cherry blossom + pearberry

  • lillyberry: a blend of pearberry + lemongrass

  • promise: a blend of peppermint + frankincense

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