Sunflower Oil, Extra Virgin Cold Pressed

Size: 250 ml Bottle

Everling Coastal Farm Sunflower Oil produces more Vitamin E (antioxidant) and tocopherols than other vegetable oils, antioxidants counter balance cancer causing free radicals. Our EVSO is naturally low in saturated fat, cholesterol free, has zero grams of trans fats, is chemical free and of the highest quality oil available. EVSO strengthens your immune system, improves heart health and lowers cholesterol: Eating high-quality oils that contain Omega-6s and -9s can help you get the right balance of omega fatty acids. EVSO also provides a great combination of Vitamin K and essential fatty acids. Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats are essential to the human body, and unsaturated fatty acids present in the oil provide energy and help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Sunflower oil improves skin clarity and moisturizes dry skin. It can also be used as a carrier oil for essential oils and to make home made soaps and cosmetics. EVSO also helps to reduce inflammation: Sunflower seeds contain tryptophan, which can work to numb pain, which is why sunflower oil can be used as a mild pain reliever.

Cooking with Sunflower Oil: Sunflower Oil you purchase in the store is often refined, so you can use it for high heat cooking, however, ECF EVSO is unrefined, therefore has a lower smoke point — just 225℉. ECF unrefined, cold pressed oil maintains a high level of nutrients and is a much healthier option than refined oils.

Culinary Uses for ECF Sunflower Seed Oil:

Dressings: Use EVSO for vinaigrettes, mixing one part oil, one part vinegar, a dash of lemon juice, sea salt and your favorite fresh herb.

Marinades: Sunflower oil is a neutral tasting light oil that pairs well with fresh herbs and garlic for marinades, pestos and as a dipping oil with warm bread.

Infuse your EVSO: Add fresh or dried herbs for an infused oil-thyme, rosemary, garlic and pepper flakes for a Mediterranean flavor. Marinate feta cheese with the same herbed oil above for a wonderful treat!

Sauté: Light sauté of vegetables or scrambled eggs are wonderful with EVSO.
Drizzle over hot popcorn, add salt and dive in!

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