Sterling Silver Sweet Four O'Clock Seed Pod Earrings


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Sure, the Sweet Four O'Clock is a night-flowering plant of the southwest, but you'll look great in these earrings. All. Day. Long. Each piece of Thicket jewelry begins with casting botanical samples and natural objects. A mold is made of the natural object and through the process of lost-wax casting a perfect replica is created in fine metal.

The design for this pair of earrings begins with the seed pod of the Mirabilis longiflora, commonly known as the Sweet Four O'Clock, a plant native to the Southwestern United States and Mexico which was cultivated by the Aztecs for medicinal and ornamental purposes.

These earrings are cast in bright, recycled sterling silver and dangle from handmade, sterling silver ear hooks. The rippled surface of the seed pod catches light from every angle to dazzle with a unique, nature-inspired sparkle. Made by hand in Thicket's Charlottesville studio by designer Rebecca Perea-Kane.

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