Lemon Seed, Sterling Silver, Necklace


Here's an uplifting drop of lemon that'll bring a smile to your face all through the day... Each piece of Thicket jewelry begins with casting botanical samples and natural objects. A mold is made of the natural object and through the process of lost-wax casting a perfect replica is created in fine metal. Ahhh... what's more refreshing than a little drop of Lemon?

Lemons are an evergreen species native to Asia - though they are now cultivated in many parts of the world. They are historically and currently used in cooking, household tasks and for medicinal purposes.

  • This seed comes on a delicate 18" chain made from reclaimed sterling silver.
  • The seed itself is about 3/8" long.
  • Made by hand in Thicket's Charlottesville studio by designer Rebecca Perea-Kane.
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