Coffee Bean, Sterling Silver, Necklace


Here it is: the perfect necklace for that wonderful coffee-lover that you love... Each piece of Thicket jewelry begins with casting botanical samples and natural objects. A mold is made of the natural object and through the process of lost-wax casting a perfect replica is created in fine metal.

The pendant of this necklace was made from a roasted coffee bean cast in sterling silver. Wear it backwards for an abstract silver drop.

This particular bean grew in volcanic loam soil in East Java, Indonesia. Coffee beans are actually seeds, two are located inside each coffee fruit.

  • The coffee bean pendant measures about 1/4" long
  • Comes on a delicate but sturdy 18" or 20" cable chain made from reclaimed sterling silver.
  • Made by hand in Thicket's Charlottesville studio by designer Rebecca Perea-Kane.
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