Small Batch Jams + Jellies


Small batch jams and jellies crafted with locally grown and picked fruits.

Apple Pie Jam- Just like grandma's apple pie in a jar! The right amount of cinnamon and cloves make this special.

Blueberry Jam- Made with whole blueberries and crafted as a thin jam so that it's the perfect topping on your favorite waffle or pancake recipes.

Concord Grape Jelly- Nothing like you have ever had before! Many of you may have had a mom or grandmother that lined her pantry or cellar shelves with glass jars of grape juice every Fall and this is how we do it also. Then Concord Grape Jelly is made with the juice.

Red Plum Jam- Made with red plum and crafted to taste like what you would find in Europe, except this is made without the "stones". 

Salted Watermelon Jelly- How many of you put salt on your watermelon? Made with JQ Dickinson Salt, this jelly is always a pleasant surprise. Perfect just the way it is or you may also thin down to make a tasty salad dressing or even use in your favorite cake or cupcake recipe as a filling. 

Black Raspberry Jam- Thee creators personal favorite!

Elderberry Jelly- An old-time jelly that is popular for its taste as well as its health benefits.

Pawpaw Butter- Made with pawpaws and cinnamon, this is a treat. Pawpaws are only available for a few weeks each September and are indigenous to the Appalachia region.

Heirloom Tomato Jam- Made with heirloom tomatoes and a handful of other ingredients, this jam has many tasty uses. Wonderful when served with cream cheese and crackers, add to fried potatoes or use a glaze for your pork and chicken. A nice blend of sweet and savory with many uses.

Wild Ramp Jelly- Mix with vegetables before roasting. A favorite is with Brussel Sprouts! Pour over cream cheese and serve with crackers. Top fried potatoes. Add to your favorite deli meat sandwich. 
Each 4 oz. jar is made with just a handful of ingredients, including non gmo sugar
**Because of the small batch nature of these Jams and Jellies, please allow 5-10 business days to arrive.  

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