Silver Starfish Pendant - Large


Nothing says "Fine Virginia Style" like a starfish made of pure silver! Barbara Richards of Weems, Virginia, using a special mold technique, makes each piece by hand. No two pendants are exactly alike, but are generally the same size and weight, and each is stamped with the '999' mark on the back to indicate that it is composed of Fine Silver, which has a purity beyond Sterling.

Since she allows the natural shape, texture, and contours of real starfish to determine the form of the silver, these handmade pendants will vary from one to the next, but all pendants are guaranteed to be 100% authentic in presenting the natural shape of the starfish and the purity of the silver.

Pendants include a choice of 16", 20", 22", 24" or 26" sterling silver chain, but also have a loop that can accommodate a variety of chains or neck wires.

Actual size measures approximately 1.25" square.

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