Round Open Medallion, Sterling Silver Crochet Earrings

Simple and Elegant! These sterling silver wire crocheted drop earrings will add a little shine to any outfit. They are hand-crafted using 9.25 sterling silver wire by Jannett Spearman in Lynchburg Virginia.
  • Handmade
  • Lightweight and easy to wear
  • Crochet 925 Sterling Silver Wire
  • Dimensions:  2 1/5" Long X 1.25" Wide
Everything at Spearman Artisanry meets our standards for mindful, ethical merchandising. All of our goods are either fair trade or made in the USA by artisans. In fact, the owner, Jannett Spearman sources all of the items in our shop directly from the artists. Or she makes it herself. This ensures that each piece matches our ethical and quality standards.
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