Recycled Antique Mason Jar Glass Necklace - Matte

This beautiful, elegant, unique necklace will catch the eye so be prepared for compliments! Comfortable to wear with a secure clasp, this bright sterling silver metal supports brightly colored handcrafted recycled antique Mason Jar glass beads in a matte finish. Hand-made in Salem, Virginia since 2004.


18" Length  - Matte Finish Bead

Necklace #N1904GM 


Joyful Adornments Glass Studio has been making flamework glass beads in Salem, Virginia since 2004. The current focus is creating beads using Recycled Antique Mason Jar Glass. The challenge is how to develop interesting pieces from a singular color because adding other glass elements could create instability within the glass when it cools. People have strong feelings about the antique canning jars and whatever the conversation, they have a story to tell. This line of glass work helps recycle a piece of history by renewing the bond with the story and creates an heirloom quality keepsake to use and enjoy. Bonnie Scott, the glass artist, feels there is no greater reward for her work than personal connection. 

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