Pup Sudz... Goat's Milk Pet Shampoo


This additive-free pet shampoo will have your pup (or your horse) sparkling clean, smelling fresh & feeling fantastic! Probably worth a few extra loving licks;-) Pup Sudz... Pet Shampoo from Laurel Woods Farms is handmade from scratch using farm-fresh goat's milk and all-natural oils and butters and is 100% guaranteed additive-free. This shampoo & conditioner combo works great for dogs, horses, brushes, & tack, too!

Small bottles contain approximately 7 1/2 fl. oz., while the large bottles contain approximately 15 1/2 oz.


Apply full strength to any problem areas. Pup Sudz works GREAT for dogs with skin allergies!For bathing, apply to a wet dog (or horse) with a wet sponge.Leave Pup Sudz on your animal for as long as you can.No conditioner needed.Cuts down on grooming time! Fresh goat milk has natural antifungal & antibacterial properties, making it perfect for creating natural, health-enhancing soaps. 

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