Perch In The Birch Tree Assortment, 40 Pieces

Perch In The Birch Tree Assortment, 40 Pieces


This item starts shipping October 31, 2021

What better way to bring winter cheer than our Limited Edition Shadow Box filled with a gorgeous assortment of Sweet Sloops and our most popular dark and milk chocolates. A special gift that is sure to be enjoyed!

• Holiday magic is found in this exclusive Shadow Box
• Filled with an Assortment of Milk, Dark, and White Chocolates
• Individually Wrapped in Gold Foil
• Terrific business, party or holiday gift

What's Inside?

Sweet Sloops: Sailboat shaped almond buttercrunch toffee covered with white chocolate and dipped in dark chocolate and pecan spindrift

Sweet Shells: Elegant scallop shells made of rich, dark chocolate with a hint of orange crunch

Sand Dollars: Sun warmed pecan halves hidden in soft, creamy butter caramel surrounded with rich, dark chocolate

Barque Sarah: Fore, main and mizzen masts move through smooth milk chocolate filled with whole toasted almonds

Friendship Sweets: Rich, solid dark chocolate embossed with a sculpted pineapple, the symbol of welcome and hospitality

Periwinkles: Spiral shells crafted in solid milk

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