Oyster Knife with Padauk Wood & Crushed Oyster Shell Handle


2020 Virginia living, Limited Edition Padauk Oyster Knife 

When the world's most beautiful oyster knives are handmade right here in Virginia, what else would you use? Brent Stubblefield of Join or Die Knives in Richmond is known for his knife-making craftsmanship and collectors value his knives.

We're proud to be offering this years holiday edition oyster knife with handmade Padauk wood handle and crushed oyster inlay, exclusively on the Virginia Living Store. The blade is made of high grade AEB-L stainless steel. Each oyster knife is completely handmade and each one is unique.

The knife that you receive may vary in color and handle details from the knives pictured. This hand-forged oyster knife makes a great gift for anyone who appreciates fine, unique cutlery.

**Shipping note: Please allow 5-7 days until this handmade item ships.

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