Popcorn Gift Box


One of our favorite fun ways to enjoy organic black garlic. (Ok... maybe it's our favorite!) This collection includes everything you need to pop up some fantastic treats: (2) Farmer's Popcorn Cobs and Microwavable Bags, New Bay "33", Organic Black Garlic Sea Salt, Black Crack®, HOOKIE Salt!, 6 Organic Peppermint Drops, recipes, links and fact sheets. Ships in an 8x8x3 gift box.

Obis One's black garlic is organic white garlic that has been aged under a cycle of heat, humidity & vacuum for 4-6 weeks. That environment allows the garlic to transform into a sweet, savory black garlic with a dried-fruit texture. It also has twice the antioxidants of the raw garlic from which it started, without the associated garlic breath!

Welcome to the world of organic black garlic! Obis One products are 100% made in Virginia at their USDA Certified Organic facility. In case you're wondering... why organic black garlic? The answer is simple: taste, health and the wow factor. Start off with a healthy food & end up with a culinary delight that elicits a "Wow!" when someone tastes it for the first time. 

Return Policy: Consistent with the legal, FDA and USDA Organic rules regarding return of food items, product orders cannot be returned and will not be refunded unless a billing or shipping error has occurred.

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