Luna's Delectable Treats


Holistic Dog treats for your  favorite Fur-Baby! Human Grade and Grain Free.  Developed by a certified dog food nutritionist, whose mission is to raise the standards of our pet's health. 

This recipe is inspired by Luna, a rescue Pitbull who struggled with skin issues and digestive upset. Luna's Delectable Treats are packed with skin-loving Omega Fatty Acids, DHA, and COQ10.  These yummy treats are made with organic, grass-fed beef liver from our local family farms.  The high quality meat and fish in these biscuits make them a high-value treat that even the pickiest eater would love.  

At Four Leaf Clover we never use grains, synthetic preservatives, artificial fillers or factory farmed meats.  Our biscuits are soft baked and made fresh weekly in small batches.  

INGREDIENTS: Organic almond flour, sardines, organic grass-fed beef liver, olive oil, parsley, and lime juice.  

8 oz - Feed as a treat, not a complete meal. Soft Biscuits.  

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