Lotta Love Slider With Truffles, 12 Pieces

Size: 20 PIECE

There is a lot to love about these dangerously delicious dark chocolate truffles! Filled with heart truffles, this heart slider box send a Lotta Love to those you love!  Harbor Sweets offers The Dark Chocolate Heart Truffles only for Valentines Day.  

  • 12 Delicious Dark Chocolate Heart Truffles
  • Individually Wrapped in Pink Foil
  • Available ONLY for Valentines Day
  • Gluten Free

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This product is heat sensitive, it will melt. If the destination temperature is above 72 degrees you will need to select warm weather packaging. Warm weather shipping includes a reusable ice pack & insulated envelope. NOTE: If you are ordering multiple items to a single destination, you only need to select WARM WEATHER PACKAGING once for the entire order.


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