Wok with Loop Handles, Carbon Steel, Large 14"


The Artisan Wok is the  crown jewel of the Artisan Collection. Athena Skillets put a lot of thought into making this wok as beautiful and as functional as possible.  

The Artisan cookware collection offers the thickest cooking base of any carbon steel skillet on the market, include multiple handle options, and provide a uniquely decorative element to any home. 

This is a large-sized carbon steel wok with two loop handles and the versatility to go from open flame to oven to gas cooktop, satisfying all your needs from stir frying, to steaming, to boiling or braising.

  • Hand Forged Carbon Steel
  • Pre-Seasoned with Coconut Oil
  • Price includes shipping


  • 20" Length With Handles
  • 14" Lip-To-Lip
  • 3.25" Height
  • 6lb 4oz Weight

Please note: This is a round-bottom wok. While this is the optimum shape for conducting heat while cooking, you may find it unstable. We recommend you add one of Athena's convenient Wok Rings to provide stability while cooking.  If you want to use these woks on an electric stove, order the flat bottom version and add a note on the order specifying "ship flat bottom version"


Treat it as you would cast iron. Season liberally with oil of your choice. Seasoning will accumulate over time, and the skillet will naturally blacken after extended cooking. Clean while hot after each use and avoid soap, which can damage the seasoning. Similar to cast iron, carbon steel can become stripped of its seasoning when cooking with highly acidic foods such as citrus and tomatoes.

These woks are handmade to order and have a lead time of 3-6 weeks due to the rigorous forging process required to make them.   Each skillet is a work of art and worth the wait!

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