Kirby Drop Earrings, Polymer Clay


Kirby Drop Earrings are artisan crafted and completely handmade.  Lightweight and easy to wear, these on trend earrings will make a statement without pulling your ear lobes down.  The large top disk makes these very easy to put on.  

This custom mosaic blend includes beautiful shades of Pink, White and Orange Clay, some metallic sheen is present in the Darkest Pink.  The solid clay is cut up in small pieces and formed into a large cube shape.  That cube is cut into slabs, rolled flat, cut into shapes and baked at low temperatures to cure.  Extensive sanding makes the surface smooth and silky.  The matching Pink hardware give these earrings a monochromatic and contemporary look.  

  • Weight- 0.2oz Per Earring
  • Top disk- 3/4" Diameter
  • Bottom Drop- 1 7/8" L x 1 1/8" W
  • Drop From Post- 2 3/8" Long
  • Price Includes Shipping

Love the shape but not the color?  These can be custom made in any color!  Just send us a message.  Please allow up to a week for shipping of custom orders.  


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