Horseshoe Chocolates, 200 pieces


Give a taste of good luck with these Horseshoe Chocolates. Present them as a centerpiece on a large silver tray or serve them as a bounty of luck filling an elegant crystal bowl. Your imagination and a lot of Horseshoe Chocolates will make it an event to remember! At Virginia Living... we say eat them all yourself!  
Your Choice:  All Milk, All Dark or Assorted

  • Your Choice:  All Milk, All Dark or Assorted
  • Each bite-size chocolate: .4 ounce Size 1 x 1 ¼ x ½
  • Box of 200 Horseshoe chocolates

Summer Shipping Information:

Chocolates do not like hot weather!  Rule of thumb:  May-September, 1-day shipping is a must. During the warmer months, even 1-day shipping windows can be a problem if the temperature is in the 80's or hotter.  We may need to delay shipping your order for a couple days until the temperature is more agreeable to avoid melting your chocolates.  Ice packs will stay cold with temperatures in the 70's for about 1-2 days.  

You may call the Virginia Living Store (804-622-2612) to inquire about your particular delivery needs if you have concerns about weather.  Plan ahead for gift giving, we only ship on Monday-Thursday this time of year to avoid hot warehouses over the weekend.   

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