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Holiday Peanut Butter Gift Box, Drinks We Love Collection, 4 Jar Set


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The OmMade Holiday Gift Box: Drinks we Love is a collection of our favorite drinks: chai, hot chocolate, green tea, and espresso!

 We include four jars (4 oz each) of OmMade Peanut Butter hand-selected for you: 

  1. Chocolate Delight - We add rich dark cocoa powder to our creamy peanut butter to make decadent chocolate peanut butter
  2. Coconut Bliss - With cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, and ginger, the aromatic flavors of India come alive in our Chai Nirvana
  3. Espresso Ecstasy - A shot of espresso in my peanut butter? Yes, please! We add pure espresso powder to make this a killer combo
  4. Mmm Matcha - The marvelous bright umami taste of matcha makes for a compelling peanut butter! We really love that the nuttiness of this tea from Japan is in perfect harmony with the nuttiness of our Virginia peanuts

Order By Dates:

We learned our lesson last holiday season and we want your fabulous gifts to make it in time! Based on the estimated delivery times, these are our Order By suggestions:

Diwali is on November 4; orders should be placed by Oct 20.

Hanukkah begins on Nov 28; orders should be placed by Nov 15.

Christmas is on Dec 25; orders should be placed by Dec 5.

Kwanzaa begins on Dec 26; orders should be placed by Dec 5.

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