Hand-Cut Money Clip by Grainger McKoy


Gorgeous hand-cut silver money clip that will become an instant heirloom!

This gorgeous money clip from Grainger McKoy first starts as a thick sheet of sterling silver, then the design is painstakingly cut into it with a hand saw. It is extremely slow work...their silversmith can only make one of these a day! It will instantly become an heirloom and makes the most wonderful gift for that special guy of any age.

If we told you how many of these they sell, you'd think we were fibbing. There is no item we know of that has brought more delight to more people. 

Disclaimer: We don't quite believe the stories out there in internet-land that the users of this money clip have seen enormous gains in income and/or net worth, re-invigorated relations with their spouse, smarter children & pets, etc. But we would like to.

It measures 2-1/8" x 1-1/8". Trust that it is the perfect size for a money clip.

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