Coffee Sample Flight - Four 2oz bags


This sampler pack makes a great gift for the coffee lover in your life (even if that coffee lover is you!) This coffee sample flight from Brugh Coffee in Christiansburg, VA is the perfect way to try multiple coffees at a reasonable price. You'll receive 4 different coffees in 2 oz bags, which will provide the perfect amount of each coffee to sample and see the differences without having excess go to waste.

Please note: Coffee selections will be of roaster's choice.

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From the roasters, Luke & Cassie Brugh:


Coffee is more than just a beverage, it's a connection to others around the world. It connects the soil where it was grown to the farmers who nurtured it until harvest - The roaster who thoughtfully shaped it to the barista who skillfully prepared it - To you and those you connect to over a cup. We understand the importance of the quality of these connections, which is why we strive towards sustainability and the growth of the coffee community. We progress towards providing you with the perfect cup.
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