Floral Pattern Sweetheart Sachet


These super cute Sweetheart Sachets are filled with an uplifting lavender fragrance that's sure to delight someone special in your life... Treat someone you love to the year-round scent of refreshing, relaxing lavender, all packaged up in this limited-edition Sweetheart Sachet from Visual Treats! (Or... treat yourself and relax with one under your own pillow;-)

Tuck one into a suitcase or dresser drawer, or in the nook of your favorite cozy hangout spot, and let the lavender freshness abound! Each Sweetheart Sachet is generously filled with a grown-in-Provence lavender and buckwheat blend that subtly fills its surroundings with a fresh, lovely scent. Sweethearts are created from the Visual Treats treasure trove of vintage prints, linens, bark cloth, and chintz & comes backed with pillow ticking stripes. Measures approximately 6 inches wide by 7 inches tall.

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