First Cut Sencha Tea, 5oz


First Cut Sencha Tea

In this classic example of a perfect Sencha, oceanic notes mingle with pine resin, butter, and hints of daffodil. 

Origins:  Hamada Estate Chiran, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan

The Hamada family has been making tea for three generations in Chiran, which is one of the best and largest tea producing regions in Japan. The first plucking, which occurs during the first 80 days of Spring, contains more antioxidants and flavor than later harvests. This first plucking is much sought after and revered in Japanese culture. The steaming process is called Asamushi (light steaming), which allows the natural flavor of this tea to shine.

Tasting Notes:  Extremely fresh, grassy, oceanic notes mingle with pine resin, toasty, grapefruit seed.

  • 5oz
  • Makes 20 cups of tea
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