Exclusive New American Condiment 4-Pack


Snack Kraken uses the likes of Kale, Cauliflower & Cabbage, along with delicious natural spices & NO added sugars, to breath new life into your casual condiment experiences! The New American Condiment 4-Pack from Snack Kraken includes their Classic Kalechup, Mayonot, Yumchup & Flower Power sauces.


Classic Kalechup: The savory, flavorful Snack Kraken original! Goes great with almost anything -- eggs, sausages, roast vegetables! Add a little olive oil and it's a salad dressing! Add a little white wine and it's a marinade or braising liquid!

Mayonot: The first non-mayonnaise, mayonnaise substitute! It has no eggs! It has nothing pretending to be eggs! It has no oil! It has 0, yes zero calories per serving! Mayonot is absolutely nothing like mayo, but it could could play it on TV -- or in your sandwich! Mayonot is a super creamy cauliflower sauce that spreads on bread, pulls together a chicken salad, is a dip for chips and vegetable sticks!

Yumchup: Yumchup, a lighter, brighter version (half the calories, no added sugar, 1/3 the sodium) of traditional cloying, salty, sugary ketchups. What's the secret? No tomatoes! Just cabbage, and lots of it (and a little red beet, too).

Flower Power: Unleash the power of cauliflower, golden beets, turmeric, mustard and saffron on your favorite foods! Flower power is what mustard wants to be when it grows up, sophisticated and delicious.

Each of the four bottles contains 12 fl. oz.

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