Dragon's Tooth Oolong Tea, 4oz


Dragon's Tooth Tea

Origin:  Anxi County, Fujian Province, China

This wonderful Mao Xie oolong has dramatic floral notes of lilac and jasmine, with the complexity of butter, stone, and steamed greens.  

Dragon’s Tooth rolled oolong is a pluck of 3-4 leaves on a single bud, mildly oxidized, pan-fried and fully rounded. The plucks are then slowly roasted for up to 7 hours before packing. This allows Dragon’s Tooth to be steeped multiple times. Slightly more oxidized than most oolongs while maintaining its ‘green’ characteristics, Dragon’s Tooth will impress any tea lover.

Tasting Notes:  Butter, Lilac, Clementine, Marigolds, Minerals, and Stone

  • 4oz
  • Makes 18 cups of tea

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