Diwali Gift Box: Exotics


Our Diwali Gift Box: Exotics has four jars (4 oz each) of our most unusual OmMade Peanut Butters:

  • Chai Nirvana
    With cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, and ginger, the aromatic flavors of India come alive in our Chai Nirvana. Get a spoon of this and you’ll experience – wait for it – Nirvana!

  • Coconut Bliss
    Organic coconut meets Virginia peanuts to make our hands-down favorite peanut butter (shhh, don’t tell the others).

  • Mmm...Matcha (the newest in our flavor family!)
    The marvelous bright umami taste of matcha makes for a compelling peanut butter! We really love that the nuttiness of this tea from Japan is in perfect harmony with the nuttiness of our Virginia peanuts; it’s the best of the east and the west!
  • Vibrant Turmeric
    OmMade Vibrant Turmeric peanut butter has a healthy dose of turmeric and gives our peanut butter a comforting, earthy flavor.

Diwali is on October 24th - spread some OmMade love!

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