Cripple Creek Ceylon Tea, 3oz


Cripple Creek Tea

Origin:  Dilmah Estates, Sri Lanka 

Tea in Sri Lanka often cultivated using a contour planting, where tea bushes planted on terraces that follow the topography of the land, much like vineyards in Italy. The side leaves, which have the flavor and aroma, are skillfully plucked by hand. Sri Lanka is one of the few countries where each tea leaf is picked by hand rather than by mechanization. This allows the whole leaf to be removed from the stem and care is given throughout the processing to ensure our Cripple Creek Ceylon comes to the customer that way. You’ll taste the difference.

Tasting Notes:  Bright copper, slight metallic, briskly astringent but not particularly tannic.

  • 3oz
  • Makes 16 cups of tea

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