Corinthian Bells Windchimes, 36"


The Corinthian Bells 36" wind chime has an outstanding clarity of pitch in a size that fits any location. Listen to the wind sing! The moderate size of the 36" Corinthian makes it one of Wind River's most versatile windchimes. It's large enough to serve a focal point in your landscape design, yet small enough to fit above a typical porch rail.

  • Overall Length (Inches): 36"
  • Number of Tubes: 6
  • Hand-Tuned to Scale: E
  • Diameter of Tubes: 1"Length of Longest Tube (inches): 18 1/2"
  • Notes in Chime: E, F#, G#, B, C#, E
  • Weight: 4 lbs
  • Brand: Corinthian Bells®
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