Exclusive Kick Ash & Chevre Goat Cheese Combo Package


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Exclusive Combo Package for Virginia Living Store customers, small batch of only 20 units! 

We lucked out and found 20 units for our Virginia Living Store Foodies!  The Made in Virginia 2019 winner for the most delicious goat cheese you've ever had! It's only available in limited quantities at certain times of the year so get it while you can!

Kick Ash is a favorite of our Virginia Living staff and has a ripened bloomy rind goat cheese with vegetable ash center line and very much alive!

These types of cheese are packaged in a breathable, 100% recyclable paper. Bloomies are sold young at two weeks. You may allow the cheese to age further in the package up to the end of the written expiration date or eat young. The tangy young cheese turns into a silky mature cheese within ten weeks. Wrap the entire package in plastic wrap and freeze up to a year. Thaw in your refrigerator over night and bring to room temperature before feasting.

  • Approx. 7oz Kick Ash Roll
  • Approx. 8oz Chevre Cheese

Due to the limited availability of this special offering, all orders will ship on April 13th and 14th, packed with ice packs and insulation.  This ensures that your Kick Ash and Chevre Goat Cheese duo arrives in perfect condition.  

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