Roasting Pan, Carbon Steel, 12.5"


Whether you're searing or baking, this is the perfect pan for your Roast! Or maybe you want to make a giant batch of scrambled eggs on Sunday morning? Works great for that too...

This is a large-sized carbon steel open roasting pan with the versatility to work on both the stove top and in the oven, whether you're cooking a roast or making breakfast for the family.

  • Hand Forged Carbon Steel
  • Pre-Seasoned with Coconut Oil


  • 17" Total Length with Handles
  • 12.5" Lip-To-Lip
  • 2" Lip Height
  • 2.5" Handle Height
  • 5lb 4oz Weight


Treat it as you would cast iron. Season liberally with oil of your choice. Seasoning will accumulate over time, and the skillet will naturally blacken after extended cooking. Clean while hot after each use and avoid soap, which can damage the seasoning. Similar to cast iron, carbon steel can become stripped of its seasoning when cooking with highly acidic foods such as citrus and tomatoes.

Each Athena Skillet is handmade to order.  Please allow 2-3 weeks if ordering these items as gifts.  Each skillet is a work of art and worth the wait!


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