Camo, Half Moon Earrings, Polymer Clay


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LDJ Design Earrings are artisan crafted and completely handmade. 

Lightweight and easy to wear, these on-trend earrings will make a statement without pulling on your ears!  Green, Tan and Brown Polymer clays make this cool Camo pattern, accented by a pop of Safety Orange.  To make the camo components, solid clay is cut up in small pieces and formed into a cube shape.  That cube is cut into slabs, rolled flat, cut into shapes and baked at low temperatures to cure.  Extensive sanding makes the surface smooth and silky.  

  • Weight- 0.2oz Per Earring
  • Top disk- 9/16" Diameter
  • Bottom Drop- 1 3/8" in Diameter
  • Length From Post- 1 7/8" Long
  • Price Includes Shipping

Like the shape but not the color?  These can be made in any color you choose!  Send us a message and let us know what you would like to order.  


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