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Body Scrub, 10oz.


Exfoliate bumps and flaky skin away with a unique blend of nutrient-rich plant oils and skin-detoxing essential oils.  Nourish your body, mind, and spirit.

Aromatherapy Scents:

"Focus" Orange-Mint Body Scrub - Peppermint and Orange essential oils. Our 10oz jar of Focus body scrub provides gentle exfoliation while detoxifying skin and promotes feelings of joy and mental clarity.

"Calm" Lavender-Geranium Body Scrub - French Lavender and Geranium essential oils. Our 10 oz jar of Calm body scrub provides gentle exfoliation while detoxifying skin. Its calming scent helps to reduce feelings of stress and encourages a restful night's sleep.

"Energize" Pink Grapefruit Body Scrub - Skin-detoxing Grapefruit essential oil. Our 10 oz jar of Energize body scrub is rich in omega chain fatty acids and vitamin C to nourish your skin and  uplift your mood.


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