Bath Bomb, Fizzy Bar, 5.75oz


Looking for an energy boost? Enjoy the bubble and fizz of Thulisa Natural's fizzy bath bomb. Infused with wonderful scents, essential oils and hydrating grape seed oil.  These  bath bomb fizzy bars will give you an unforgettable invigorating bath experience that energizes body, mind, and spirit.

Aromatherapy Scents:

"Focus" Orange-Mint Bath Bomb, 5.75oz.


The Ritual:  

Break a piece of the foaming fizzy bar, gently placing it on the bottom of the empty bathtub. As you’re doing this, visualize an intention for your ritual. How do you want to feel? Start tapping your warm bath water and let it run directly over the bar. Watch as it foams, and focus on the scent filling the bathroom and the water swirling against your skin.


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