Hot Southern Honey (Hot-Hot), 12oz


If you want to bring on the heat but still keep it sweet... you don't have to look any further. Like AR's Original Hot Southern Honey (Hot-Mild), the new Hot-Hot is produced in Virginia and infused with the a fuller, tasty heat of red chili peppers for those who wanted a bigger experience of heat!

Use as a flavorful accompaniment to fried chicken, cheese and crackers, and as a glaze on grilled salmon, pork tenderloin, roasted vegetables like Brussels sprouts and carrots, and chicken wings! Also terrific in marinades or drizzled on yogurt, ice cream and pizza. 

  • 100% Real and Natural Honey
  • Natural Peppers
  • No Syrup Additives or Pepper Extracts
  • 12oz Squeeze Bottle with Flip Top
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