Arabian Kismet Tea, 4oz


Arabian Kismet Tea

Origin:  Also known as Bedouin Tea, this variation on a Middle Eastern traditional beverage elevates the senses and soothes the nerves. We use our Orange Pekoe Special Assam as the base for this wonderful blend. The addition of certified organic sage and cardamom bring out rounding notes of vanilla and spice. 

Ingredients:  Sage is a wonderful herb that imparts an earthy, yet soothing sensation. Known to promote digestion, cure halitosis, and stimulate hair growth, sage also tonifies a dry throat.

Cardamom grows in the deep forests of India. The health benefits of cardamom include gastrointestinal protection, controlling cholesterol, inhibiting the growth of cancer cells, improving heart health, and improvement of circulation in the body. It is also beneficial for oral health.

Tasting Notes:  Sage and cardamom dance on your palate like the flowing fabrics at a Marrakech market.

  • 4oz
  • Makes 16 cups of tea
  • Price includes shipping

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