Appalachian Sunrise Tea, 2.5oz


Appalachian Sunrise Tea

Specially created to satisfy coffee lovers, this decaffeinated treat has turned the most skeptical into religious tea drinkers.  

Locally-sourced dandelion and chickory root when available, the roots are gently roasted in-house before blending with the finest cinnamon chips and star anise seed powder. A version of this recipe came to teamaker David when he was living in Northern Italy. During WWII, the Tyrolean folk would gather common herbs to replace their coffee, which was scarce at the time. This prized brew became a source of nostalgia for many after the war and continues to be a common morning drink for young and old.

Tasting Notes:  Nutty and Robust with a sweet finish.

  • 2.5oz
  • Makes 12 cups of tea
  • Price includes shipping

Ingredients: Roasted dandelion root, roasted chicory root, cinnamon bark, star anise seed. All herbs certified organic, sourced locally when available.

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