Gold Salt Crystal, 14K Gold, Earrings


In speaking of salt, designer Rebecca Perea-Kane notes that "wild animals seek it out." We'll just leave it at that! Each piece of Thicket jewelry begins with casting botanical samples and natural objects. A mold is made of the natural object and through the process of lost-wax casting a perfect replica is created in fine metal.

This pair was cast from a crystal of pink salt to create an exquisitely textured, and especially tiny, pair of solid gold earrings. For the sea lover, for anyone.

Salt is essential to human health and there is evidence of humans processing salt going back 8,000 years. It has played a part in conflict, in trade, in protest and in healing practices throughout human history.

  • Made by hand with recycled 14k yellow gold
  • 14k yellow gold posts and backings
  • Thicket's Charlottesville studio by designer Rebecca Perea-Kane.
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