14k Gold Apple Seed Earrings


These golden McIntosh apple seeds make for a juicy delicious way to subtly adorn your ears! Each piece of Thicket jewelry begins with casting botanical samples and natural objects. A mold is made of the natural object and through the process of lost-wax casting a perfect replica is created in fine metal.

These two golden apple seeds, cast from a McIntosh apple, preserve the minute detail of the surface of the seeds.

McIntosh apples have been bred from a single sapling found on the property of Canadian farmer John McIntosh in 1811. The trees grow best in climates where the fall days are sunny and the nights are cold.

Cast from shining, recycled 14k gold with 14k gold posts and backings. Made by hand in Thicket's Charlottesville studio by designer Rebecca Perea-Kane.

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