Vendor Fulfillment Protocol

Vendor Order Fulfillment Guide - Printable version

This is a 2 page visual step-by-step guide for how to print packing slips and pre-paid labels. We HIGHLY recommend you print and keep this on hand for future order fullfillment.

Vendor Order Fulfillment Video - (11 minutes)

This video walks you through step-by-step how to print the packing slips and pre-paid shipping labels. We HIGHLY recommend you bookmark this video to watch as needed in the future. Most importantly towards the end it explains the difference between different shipping options and why you should choose certain options, as well as which options never to choose. We trust our vendors to create the pre-paid labels correctly and in the most cost-effective manner. If you've been using you are not getting commercial rates, nor being shown all options and this information will benefit your other customers you ship to, as well as ours. 

2019 Shipping Rates Guide - Printable version

This is completely optional - Peruse the Shipping Rates Document and print to keep on hand if you desire more detailed information on shipping rates. For most only the first 2 pages are relevant.


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