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The Smather's & Branson Story:

In 2004, while roommates at Bowdoin College, we decided to start a company that offered needlepoint belts. We had each been gifted a needlepoint belt from our then girlfriends and became intrigued with these unique accessories. After looking to buy finished belts, we realized that there wasn’t a company that featured these timeless items. From the start, our goal was to make the belts more available, attractive and affordable. We had always shared an entrepreneurial spirit and after discovering a concept that we were passionate about, we started working on the idea that has become Smathers & Branson®.

Our biggest challenge was finding and training skilled artisans. With our options quickly running out, we decided to spend the fall in Vietnam. Meeting our stitchers face to face enabled us to perfect our product to meet the high quality standards we set. Without realizing it we had laid the groundwork for a cottage industry that, within a few years, would employ and provide opportunities for thousands of people. As our company continues to grow, we have the satisfaction that our artisan’s level of success grows as well.

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Southern Sportsman Needlepoint Coaster Set
World's Best Dad Needlepoint Bottle Cooler
Jolly Roger Needlepoint Can Cooler, Black
19th Hole Needlepoint Tervis Tumbler
Fox Needlepoint Key Fob, Forest Green
Sold Out
Fishing Fly Needlepoint Key Fob, Khaki
Jolly Roger Needlepoint Key Fob, Black
Golf Clubs Needlepoint Key Fob, Blueberry
Rainbow Trout Skin Needlepoint Key Fob, Multi
Stars and Stripes Needlepoint Key Fob, Multi
Lake Trout Needlepoint Key Fob, Navy
Bourbon 5 Ways Needlepoint Key Fob, Navy
Dancing Bears Needlepoint Key Fob, Navy
Pineapple Needlepoint Key Fob, Navy
Make a Margarita Needlepoint Key Fob, Navy
Shotgun Shell Needlepoint Key Fob, Black
American Flag Needlepoint Key Fob, Navy
19th Hole Needlepoint Can Cooler
Dancing Bear Needlepoint Can Cooler
Anchor Needlepoint Can Cooler
Blue Crab Needlepoint Can Cooler
Beverage Cart Needlepoint Can Cooler
Crossed Gold Clubs Needlepoint Can Cooler
Patriotic Dog on Point Needlepoint Can Cooler
Sold Out
World's Best Dad Needlepoint Can Cooler
Fishing Fly Needlepoint Can Cooler
Rainbow Trout Needlepoint Can Cooler
American Flag Needlepoint Can Cooler
Sold Out
American Flag Needlepoint Bottle Cooler
19th Hole Needlepoint Bottle Cooler
Golf Gopher Needlepoint Tervis Tumbler
Party Animals Needlepoint Coaster Set
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Nautical Life Needlepoint Coaster Set
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Make An Old Fashioned Needlepoint Coaster Set
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Crossed Clubs Needlepoint Coaster Set
American Flags Needlepoint Coaster Set
38 results
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