Virginia Candle Loft

Founded in 2020 by David Green and his wife. Virginia Candle Loft began much like any small business, with a passion and desire to share that passion with others. What began many years earlier as an interest in creating a cleaner and better burning candle would lead to our establishment in Virginia today. We want to bring the same small batch candle enjoyed by our family to yours.

At Virginia Candle Loft, each of our candles are carefully hand-crafted in Virginia's scenic New River Valley. We use the highest quality, USA sourced, all natural soy wax and FSC certified wood. Each candle has a creamy white appearance, as we don't use any unnecessary dyes. This creates a more Eco-friendly and cleaner burning candle. We utilize both natural essential oils and skin-safe synthetic fragrance oils produced in the USA.
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Virginia Dogwood, Dual Wick Candle, 14oz
Glass Votive Scented, Dual Wick Candle, 14oz
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