The Perfect Pita

Famous for our homemade pita bread, baked daily, and highly acclaimed hummus, The Perfect Pita offers customers freshly made food created from family recipes using natural and locally grown ingredients. Our quick service Mediterranean-American menu offers healthy and filling options that appeal to a variety of tastes – whether Mediterranean, classic American, a blend of the two, vegetarian or vegan, there is a “perfect” option for everyone.

In addition to our hot and cold stuffed pitas like Falafel, the All American BLT and our top seller, the Chicken Hummus Veggie, we also offer fresh baked pizza – made to order, homemade soups, salads and desserts. It doesn’t stop there. The Perfect Pita is also open for breakfast, and serve full-sized stuffed breakfast pitas all day. Have you ever had a breakfast pita?

The Perfect Pita was founded in 1994 and remains family-owned and operated today. Based in Springfield, Virginia, our restaurants and catering company (The Perfect Daughter) proudly serve Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C., Prince George’s county (Md.) and Montgomery county (Md.). Our pita bread and hummus are also available at several retail outlets locally. You are what you eat, so why not be perfect?

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