Horseshoes & Nails, Shortbread Gift Box, 15 oz


A lucky luxury . . . this handsome gift box contains four racing-size horseshoe cookies and more than 50 horseshoe nails . . . incredibly delicious and buttery shortbread. Perfect for a derby day party or any horse related activity.  Available in three flavors: Classic Orange, Chocolate Chocolate and Delicate Ginger.  

  • Classic Orange: Our traditional buttery shortbread with a zest
  • Chocolate Chocolate: Deep, dark, rich, pure, bittersweet
  • Delicate Ginger: Vivacious, refreshing, spicy, snappy, brown sugary
  • Size:  15 ounces (425 g) Size of gift box 7 x 7 1/2 x 2
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